I hate you all (vanessa_yt) wrote in the_real_world,
I hate you all


=plops down in chair=

Where to go from here?

I have no fucking idea. I'm torn emotionally... i never have felt the way i do right now... I'm usually fucking crazy and hyper and weird... but right now i'm so worried about everyone around me to have fun.

Mike seems happy in the house, but i know his life outside of it, and i know how much he hurts, and it rips me apart... because i really really care about him.

I'm glad he also has Aimee, she's an amazing person... and i'm glad she is so good to him. He deserves that =sighs=

Anyway... its not just him that's on my mind. Its New York, its Kitty and Jimmy and Steve... my extended family. I just got reunited with my old band, and i cannot even stay long enough to really see them. It is killing me.

And then this whole thing with Johnny... =sighs= Who the fuck knew he would look at me as more than a piece of ass? What the fuck am i supposed to do with that... =picks up bottle of Absolut= This will work.

=turns off camera=
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