I hate you all (vanessa_yt) wrote in the_real_world,
I hate you all

Fucking confessionals

=plops down=

I am so fucking confucked right now.

I don't get it... maybe i'm to fucking stupid or drunk whatever... but i feel like Mike is fuckign with my head.

I mean, i obviously have a thing for him. He knows this. The whole fucking world knows this.

And he keeps saying random things to me... and i get so fucking confused... now him and Chaz are getting married?

I wish them luck, truthfully.

But i'm so jealous. I like Mike... =sighs= He is the reason i came back... him and Aimee...

Now i feel like all this is going to hell, Aimee is unhappy, and Mike is just...

Why can't i have what i want

=puts head in hands, starts sobbing... covers camera with hand and turns it off=
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