I hate you all (vanessa_yt) wrote in the_real_world,
I hate you all

Last confessional.

I cannot take it anymore.

I swear, i have tried. I came back, i have noticed me being hidden in my room. I'm not interacting, and either is anyone else. This is getting old. I love everyone in this house... but with Mike in the hospital and Aimee being depressed... its killing me. I know we haven't been as close as we could... BUT i just am stressed that all this is happening. I do have a reason to be in NYC again... i have my Kitty, my Jimmy and Steve... and i don't want to be here. I'm getting depressed.

I'm over Mike. I had a thing for him. But we have drifted. I dunno why. It makes me really sad. He was a great friend. And i tried to be that to him. But not everyone gets what they want.

And Aimee... i swear i will come visit her sometime... but i'm out of here... for the last time.

Sorry for all this shit... but we all have our things, and with me gone. I'm sure no one will notice. I will miss everyone... please leave me a comment on my diary or something... maybe we can remain friends... i would love to try.

Best luck to all... i miss you already... but for the last time. Goodbye.
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