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This is a true story...TRUE STORY of 10 people picked to live in a house and have their lives videotaped for them. The fights, the love, the kinky dirty hardcore sex, and above all, the humor, is all displayed in here. Ladies and gentlemen, this is our life, this is...The Real World.

The Rules-
You've seen the shit, you know what's going on, do we really have to explain it to you? There's the trouble makers, the sexaholics, the quiet ones, and the freaks all within. The only rules are be yourself and try not to piss off too many people or we'll call the casting director on your ass.

-The Cast Members-
Mike Shinoda

Aimee Echo

Spanky G

Chasmin Stover


Marilyn Manson

Johnny Santos

Tobin Esperance

Mark McGrath


-The House-
The house is located in the heart of Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles California. The house, known as the Argrave Manor, is infact haunted by the spirits of a family who were murdered in a cruel and unusual bloodbath. As time progresses, you will learn the story about this.

-The Directions-
This is REAL TIME RPG. This community is where you actually interact with the other members instead of posting topics and such, each episode will have its own thread, as is EPISODE ONE. Each Episode will last for a period of 48 hours. The casting director will create the Episode thread and the members will post and interact with each other inside of it (act out how your character is, ect.)The episodes will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. When there is not an episode running, you may post in the community and make your header of the post say "Mike's Confession" and so on where you can confess what is on your mind, what's going on with you, or if you just really fucking HATE your roomies. When you make your first post in the community, which is your intro post, explain to everyone who you are, ect.

-The Handsome Reward-
The REWARD for winning this is not two months, but a paid account for a full year. Yes, a full YEAR. Because this production is put on by Mtv and we can spare the cash flow you know. Because we're the shit.

-The Time-
The time lasts for exactly one month. Starting on Tuesday Sept 3rd. And ends on October 3rd. Within that time you must interract with the other roomies, ect, do whatever you want but you must interract or be kicked out.